The Consortium MMT
  •  22 N. Front Street Memphis, TN 38103
  • (901) 543-3559
  • Mon-Fri:  9:00a-5:00p

The Consortium MMT's goal...

is to offer an opportunity for songwriters, artists, and producers to receive incomparable information, industry insight and application steps from respected professionals with a proven track record of success. While sustaining the love and admiration for Soul Music throughout the world, The Consortium MMT SoulRight Music Mentorship Program is able to provide future stars with tools from titans of the music industry that include award–winning and hall of fame artists, writers and producers that will make them “exceptional.”

"This program is not for talents who are just starting out, but for those who have had a passion and on-going development and have been performing, writing, and producing and are seeking greater accomplishment on their journey to success," says David Porter.

If you are confident you embody the extraordinary talent that the SoulRight Music Mentorship Program is looking for, continue reading.

Why Memphis?

The history of Memphis music is synonymous with the sounds of Soul Music. In fact, “Memphis” is identified in more songs than any city in the world. The Memphis Soul sound has sold hundreds of millions of units internationally and is embedded in popular culture through the media and entertainment industries. You hear the Memphis influence on televised singing competitions, during NBA games, on late night talk shows, and in advertising campaigns. As the home to the origin of Soul Music, Memphis is the fitting place for the SoulRight Music Mentorship Program.

Before You Apply

Make sure that you have the required information and materials necessary for applying to the SoulRight Music Mentorship Program. This includes:

  • Contact Information
  • One (1) head shot.
  • Desired Discipline (Songwriter, Producer, Performing Artist/Entertainer)
  • Two (2) recorded audio samples of your work or talent.

Please call us at (901) 543-3559 if you have any questions, or check out our FAQ.



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